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Kickboxing is a dynamic and effective sport, because it will use all your body muscles. It consist of the learning of all the possible punches, kicks, dodges and blocks.


Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing classes is a all indicated for a remarkable loss of weight and a really good way to get in shape.


This class provides:

a complete workout designed to improve:

        • speed;
        • endurance;
        • flexibility;


Kickboxing classes structure at the Académie Frontenac:

    • Warm up: Obviously, the boxing classes always starts with a complet warm up. They usually are made of a 5 minutes of jump rope followed by another 5 minutes of exercises choosed by the coach.
    • Techniques: Then, the coach will show different boxe techniques and will make sure that the student can apply them.
    • Work-out: Usually, the boxing classes finish with a work-out made of exercises choosed by the coach.



    • All our Kickboxing classes are given by one some of our coaches. All the Académie Frontenac’s coaches are qualified and devoted to push the membres to reach their goals, and even further, in our kickboxing classes.
    • For more informations about our coaches, please go see our web page: http://academiefrontenac.com/entraineurs.php?langue=en

The kickboxing trainings are possible in groupe classes and private lessons.

What’s best than a free try out class to prove that, kickboxing is for you?


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