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**New in September**

New self-defense class on the schedule



Dive into a rewarding experience with our 13-week self-defense program, offering two weekly classes for a full immersion. To ensure optimal learning quality, each session will host a maximum of 20 participants. Don't delay in securing your spot for this unique opportunity!


This well-balanced structure ensures progressive mastery of various group self-defense techniques, while fostering an optimal learning environment.


  • Price: $312 +tax

  • Start date: September 18th

  • Pre-registration required before September 17

  • Duration: 13-week session

  • Time: 5pm to 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday

  • Location: Centre-Malépart, Dojo Room

  • (2633 East Ontario, Montreal, Qc, H2K 4K4)

  • Capacity: 20 spots

  • Instructors: Danny Poudrier

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