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Our mission is to support young people towards their goals and improve their mental health by increasing their physical fitness and performance, all through martial arts. We also work to encourage young people to go to positive and healthy places in order to keep them away from the dangers associated with neighborhood crime.

Courses for young people from low-income families

The Frontenac Academy is an NPO that helps the community of the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district by contributing to the development of young people. We offer up to 6 lessons per week to young people and the cost of these lessons is determined according to the financial resources available to low-income families in the neighborhood.

Since its creation, the Frontenac Academy has collaborated with youth centers to find young people between the ages of 8 and 17 who are interested in learning combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing and muay thai.


Thanks to your contribution,

Youallow young athletes to develop their fighting techniques and for some, you give them the opportunity to participate in provincial tournaments.


Youhelp the young people of the Hochelaga Maisonneuve district to take part in boxing, kick-boxing, muay thai classes and thus allow them to channel their energy in the right place.


Youcontribute to bridging the existing gap between the different social classes by facilitating access to stimulating activities for these young people.


You keep them stimulated, healthy, motivated and therefore happy!



For more information:

Daniel Perron: (514)-574-3037

Bureau: (514)525-3037

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