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Classes for WOMEN

Dear women seeking strength, self-confidence, and physical well-being, our Boxing and Muay Thai class is specially designed for you! Take on the challenge and discover your inner power while acquiring valuable self-defense skills.

Why choose our class for women?

1. Inclusive Environment: We create a welcoming and respectful space, where women of all ages, fitness levels, and experiences are welcome. You can feel confident to express yourself and improve without judgment.

2. Self-Confidence Building: Practicing boxing and Muay Thai develops not only your physical strength but also your self-confidence. You will learn to defend yourself, overcome challenges, and feel more confident in your daily life.

3. Overall Fitness: Our classes are intense workout sessions that burn calories, strengthen your muscles, and improve your cardiovascular endurance. You'll sweat, tone up, and feel in better shape than ever.

What to expect during the class:


- Basic positioning (the guard)
- Basic movements (forward/backward and left/right)
- Assisted shadow boxing
- Basic strikes: jab, cross, as well as the push-kick and round kick for Muay Thai
- Learning to hold the pads
- Warm-up and workout tailored to begin building muscles used in combat sports

Join us today to discover the sensation of power, confidence, and well-being that boxing and Muay Thai can bring you. Get ready to push your limits and thrive, while forming a group of strong, supportive women. Together, we will awaken the warrior within you.

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