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The first goal of boxing is learning and improving the basic techniques such as positioning and balance to achieve better technical striking and a creative defense when facing any possible attack.

Boxing classes

Boxing classes are not just a way to get rid of stress and aggression, it is also a great way to build self-esteem. It is an excellent physical activity for men and women and it is a great way to burn fat.


Boxing-class structure at Académie Frontenac:

Warm up: 

Obviously, the boxing classes always start with a complete warm-up. They usually consist of 5 minutes of jump rope followed by another 5 minutes of exercises chosen by the coach.


Then, the coach will show different boxing techniques and will make sure that the student can apply them.


Usually, the classes end with a work-out consisting of exercises according to the coach's program.

A complete workout designed to improve:




We also offer a free-trial class to prove that boxing is for you!

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