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Price freeze


We guarantee the cost of your current subscription for only; $49.99 per year




- Description: Here is a solution to counter inflation by guaranteeing the price of your subscription, even during a promotion. This price freeze promotion will allow you to: 

  • Keep the same subscription price for one year

  • Modify your current subscription at a better price (without any penalty)

  • Change the frequency of your gym visits by paying the price in effect at the time of your initial membership. Let take the example of a 3-month subscription with 3 visits per week purchased on September 5, 2022 at the price of $234 +tx. If, one month later, on October 5, you wish to increase to 5 visits per week, with this guarantee promotion, you will pay the price that was available in September, ie $547 +tx with the promotion in effect at that time. , at 50% off. Your price with the price freeze promotion would therefore be $273 +tx.

- Warranty period: 1 year

- Conditions: This price freeze promotion is only valid if you already have a subscription or have purchased a subscription. By adding 49.99 plus taxes to your payment, your subscription fees will remain the same for one year as long as you remain an active member (without interruption). When your warranty year expires, it will also be possible to renew this promotion in order to keep your advantageous rate for one more year.


And as long as we are in the advantageous announcements for our members, here are 3 more: 


  1. 10% off all our smoothies* 

  2. 10% discount on our equipment and clothing*

  3. 5% discount on dietary supplements*.


* These offers cannot be combined with any other promotion

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