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Sylvain Paradis


Sylvain Paradis, apprentice to Leonard Kwitkowski, started boxing at age 17. Now in his thirties, he is still a fighter and coach at the Frontenac Academy for several years. Sylvain has a record of more than 40 fights. He has the experience, the talent and above all the passion of boxing.


Accurate and meticulous with an analytical eye, he pays a lot of attention to detail. The perfect coach for both group classes and private lessons for those interested in the competition. Specialist in boxing competition but also a good coach of kickboxing and muay thai.


It will push you beyond your limits both physically and technically. For those ready for the boxing competition, Sylvain will follow you closely. Inspiring and motivating, you will never give up on Sylvain Paradis.


Disciplines :



Muay thai
Private courses
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