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Free trainnig and online classes subscription details

First, here are the regulations imposed by the Government of Quebec and by Public Health concerning everything related to free-type training:



  1. It is forbidden to offer organized group lessons

  • This means that no coach, motivator, supervisor can be present during free training.

  • This also means that no advice or demonstration (whether in video or audio form) can be given.


   2. No equipment can be loaned for your training

  • This includes the use of dumbbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, balls ...


   3. The changing rooms must remain closed

   4. The physical distance of 2 meters must be respected at all times

   5. On site, only free training will be allowed


* Note: For more details on the measures imposed by the government, we invite you to click on this link .


Details on free training

We will offer you many time slots (practically all day) for the practice of boxing, kick / thai and tabata. As explained above, you will not be able to use the dumbbells. On the other hand, we will quickly install gymnastic rings to give you more options for physical conditioning and in addition, it will make cleaning easier.


How free training works:

  1. To be able to come and practice freely at the Academy, you must reserve your place at the fixed time slot that suits you. Of course, it will be necessary to continue to respect the sanitary rules.

  2. Once you arrive at the Academy, you will take your place in an area with a bag as we have been doing for a few months already, making sure to follow the arrows on the ground. These will be installed within the next 24 hours.

  3. We will set up three spaces for people / families living at the same address (space with more space), a solution that will be ideal for young children accompanied by a parent or both.

  4. Each day, we will provide you with 3 training suggestions: one for boxing, one for kick / thai and one for tabata (this one without dumbbells). For the tabata, you will need to obtain rubber bands at the reception and these will belong to you afterwards. You will of course have the possibility to prepare your own training.

  5. You will be entitled to 45-minute time slots to complete your training over the reserved full hour.

  6. You can arrive at the time of your choice within the chosen time. For example, if you choose the range from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., you can arrive at 10 a.m., 10:04 a.m., 10:12 a.m. This way of proceeding will prevent everyone from arriving or leaving at the same time.

  7. The free training schedules will be available on the Fliip platform.


How online training works

  1. We will be offering a tabata class and a kicker class (the most popular based on your survey responses)

  2. You can either use your current membership or purchase the 15 class pass (see the Memberships section below for details). The lessons will be pre-recorded and broadcast on the Zoom platform. A trainer will be there to supervise, correct and encourage you. In other words, it's like a mix of online classes and free workouts. A great advantage if you are just getting started and need more details on the movements.

  3. In order to avoid bugs, it is preferable to have a computer directly connected by wire to your wi-fi. You can even stream it to your TV for a bigger picture.

  4. Online course schedules will be available on the Fliip platform.



  1. For free training, the recommended minimum age is 14 years and over.

  2. As usual, we suggest that you wash your bag thoroughly when you arrive in your zone and repeat it at the end of your free training. The same goes for the gymnastic rings.

  3. As the changing rooms will be closed, you will have to arrive in sporty clothes and leave in the same way. As the cold starts to kick in, we suggest that you bring some warm clothes that you can slip on over your workout clothes.



There will be a person at the reception at all times as well as a person on the floor to ensure compliance with government rules (bag washing, traffic, etc.). If you should not understand the workouts offered each day, the staff on site will be able to answer your questions but unfortunately it will not be possible to demonstrate or correct. Our lawyers have been very clear about this and breaking this rule could lead to prosecution against the Academy and you will understand that we don't want that to happen!


As there are many types of memberships at Académie Frontenac, we offer you 2 choices for the following:


Option1 - You keep your active membership as it is and you contribute to the survival of your club


Option 2- We offer you the possibility of taking a subscription for free training, ie $ 75 for 15 lessons ($ 5 each) and thus put your current subscription on hold.

We are counting on you to respect the regulations. The last thing we want is to have cameras pointed at us. It wouldn't bring anything very positive!


The last but certainly the most important thing: We strongly suggest that you stay active, eat well and sleep well these days. We care about your health and want to see you back in great shape when this extraordinary situation is over.

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