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Pro vege

Pro vege


PRO VEGE is an entirely vegetable and natural formula, made with organic ingredients.

-Pea protein isolate

-Sunflower seed protein concentrate

-Pumpkin seed protein concentrate.

Naturally flavored (vanilla extract or natural cocoa). Slight addition of natural stevia.


-Natural prebiotic to nourish your intestinal flora: Fructooligosacharides

-Himalayan pink salt filled with minerals and trace elements,

-Xanthan, algae present to make your mixture smooth. Standardizes the natural aromas of vanilla or natural cocoa.

Without condom.

WITHOUT filling agent.

Gluten free.

WITHOUT animal by-product.

WITHOUT refined sugar.

NO trans fat.

NO sulfite.

NO nitrite.

WITHOUT hormone.

WITHOUT sweetener.

Reward your body with PRO VEGE, a unique, healthy and 100% vegetable formula.