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Tabata it is the name of a Japanese researcher 

To what that is of use Tabata:

An interesting way of increasing the use of the

sectors anaérobique and aérobique at the

same time, it is the endurance thus the mental

has to tell to increase the speed of recovery,

worked which often looks has to play on us

tricks. It is one of these programs that adapts

itself to several disciplines:

Boxe, Muay Thai, Jiu-jitsu or other martial arts, bike, speed skating, etc. It is the perfect fat burning workout.

What it is Tabata:

It is simple: take an exercise and execute him(it) in the following way:

During 20 seconds, made so many repetitions as possible (maximal effort) .Repos during 10 seconds to Repeat still 7 times! For a total of 8 repetitions. Total 4 min

Description of the offered course has the Academie Frontenac

Tabata course,is a fast and effective training (60min)

-4 to 5 tabata (cardiovascular)

-5 min of break and explication on techniques on the prescribed tabata

-3 to 4 tabata (muscle strengthening)

-5 min stretchings.

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